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"Want to spend more time with your family?

Discover how to TELECOMMUTE from the comfort of your home."

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You want to telecommute. And you've come to the right place.

Telecommuting has taken the world by storm and employees aren't about to turn back to the "old days" of having to be trapped in a small cubicle performing daily tasks that can easily be done from the comfort of their home office. Not to mention the joy of being there when their kids get home from school, too.

There are several ways to locate a legitimate work from home job. But you need to be cautious. Many entrepreneurs have caught on to this trend of working from home and like to lead dedicated seekers down a dead-end street in exchange for their hard earned dollars.

That's where we come in...Telecommute Now is dedicated to reviewing legitimate work from home websites that provide access to their telecommuting job listings. You'll find the best telecommuting opportunities on these websites, without having to spend countless hours combing traditional job boards and "work-at-home" sites in pursuit of the real work from home jobs.

Welcome. Browse...learn...and visit the sites reviewed. You'll be glad you did. Sign up for the Telecommute Now newsletter. It's filled with solid information you'll find helpful in your pursuit to telecommute. And don't forget to bookmark this page as we'll be updating this site frequently.

To your telecommuting success,

Keep up-to-date on the topic of telecommuting and learn about many resources for locating legitimate work from home jobs you may not already know about.

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-Michelle Cruz
Telecommuting Expert and former publisher of [email protected] and Telecommuting Today newsletters.

Telecommuting for Dummies is honored to be listed in Chapter 20 of this book:
"Ten Useful Web Sites for Telecommuters".



1.) The Home Job Stop - A straightforward and easy to use site dedicated to providing up-to-date telecommuting job listings. Rita Woods and her staff are dedicated to screening all the postings to ensure only legitimate positions from employers are available to their members.
2.) The Work from Home Essential Guide - This is a guide we recommend everyone serious about finding a "true" telecommuting job have access to. Learn what to look for and what to avoid under the guidance of a full-time telecommuter.

Telecommute Jobs - A source containing a large database of available work from home positions, this site is updated frequently with a variety of opportunities for the individual wanting to telecommute. However, it is mostly suited for those with information technology experience.

job site reviews
Are you looking for a "legitimate" telecommuting job? They do exist. The easiest way to find one is through a reputable company dedicated to working with and locating telecommuting job openings at legitimate companies. They'll save you time and frustration by presenting you with fresh lists of real telecommuting job leads on a regular basis. Read our reviews of the most legitimate sites to compare their services to find the right ones for you. Click here to visit this section.

telecommute now newsletter
Each issue is packed with helpful tips on finding the telecommuting job that is right for you. Discover links to great resources to aide in your pursuit to telecommute that you won't want to miss out on. Click here and sign up now.

telecommuting tips
Learn how to locate your perfect telecommuting job. Become aware of the many scams and pitfalls created by greedy marketers wanting your money and how to avoid them. Read articles on how to balance work at home and your family life. Crucial information for those wanting to telecommute and much more. Click here to visit this section.

skills development
It's can't be what you are not, but you can become what you are not. You may find in your pursuit of legitimate work from home jobs that you lack certain skills required for a job you may be interested in. Don't let that discourage you. Here is a great list of resources for gaining the knowledge you need...all from the comfort and convenience of your home. Click here to visit this section.

books and resources
There are a lot of ebooks and other publications floating around out there today. Here are some of the better ones for those wanting to telecommute. Stay up-to-date on what potential employers are looking for in a telecommuter and learn what it takes to be a satisfied, successful telecommuter. Click here to visit this section.

extra income
This section is dedicated to those wanting even more freedom from a work at home job. In a recent survey to our subscribers, 75% of the respondents stated they would rather work from home for themselves than for someone else. Here's some of the top resources from people who are doing it, so that you can easily follow in their footsteps. Click here to visit this section.

review requests
Did you find a pay-for-access telecommuting job list not reviewed on this website? Before you lay down your hard earned money let us go in and check it out for you first! If we believe it follows our model of providing only legitimate telecommuting jobs, we'll review it for you and all of our future visitors. Go here to learn more.

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