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Communication technology is so advanced that today a structural engineer can work on the design of a large communication tower to be constructed in Nashville, Tennessee for a company located in southern Indiana while sitting at a kitchen table in Cape Coral, Florida!

How do I know this?...Because I did it.

Hi, my name is Keith Barnett, owner of this website and publisher of the popular Telecommute Now newsletter. By utilizing the resources showcased throughout this website, you’ll gain an advantage by discovering what it takes to become and work as a legitimate telecommuter in today’s changing work environment.

Our goal is to provide you with the information and resources you need to make a decent income working for someone else or for yourself from the comfort of your home office.

Many jobs today can be adequately performed from the comfort of your home just as easily as in a company’s office and great numbers of employers around the world are catching on to this at a rapid pace. And why not? Employers can save big by doing this, not to mention increased productivity from quality employees free from much of the distractions in a traditional office setting.

Unfortunately, a lot of "companies" and so-called "employers" out there are taking advantage of this movement and robbing people of their hard earned cash who desire the benefits and freedom teleworking provides.

Many of these scandalous companies have convinced unsuspecting, but sincere, wannabe telecommuters to part with their money in return for a "program" or so-called job "opportunity" that ends up doing nothing but making those bogus program pushers a whole lot richer.

There’s a lot of garbage out there...

But that’s where we come in. Telecommute Now is a website and newsletter dedicated to providing existing and future telecommuters with quality information in this hot field. Our commitment is to provide you with resources we have reviewed and feel will aide you in your pursuit to telecommute.

By us going in first and investigating the services recommended on this website, you'll be getting an unbiased opinion of what they have to offer while exposing some of the problems, if any, these services may have. We're confident you'll gain an advantage enabling you to locate a real telecommuting job that's right for you without having to waste your time and money on all of the garbage that's floating around out there.

If you haven’t signed up for the Telecommute Now newsletter, you'll want to do that as we will provide you with other resources throughout the months to come that aren't mentioned on this website.

Thousands of others have already taken advantage of this resource, so go here and sign up now. It is packed full of telecommuting information you will find very useful and it contains no outside advertising...only resources that we feel will benefit our readers.


Keep up-to-date on the topic of telecommuting and learn about many resources for locating legitimate work from home jobs you may not already know about.

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"Rest assured, you are in good hands with Keith. Here, you will find a world of fresh news and information on telecommuting today. Keith is able to provide you with outstanding telecommuting advice and support. He has given the site a whole new fresh perspective...I highly encourage you to join the Telecommute Now newsletter."

-Michelle Cruz
Telecommuting Expert and former publisher of [email protected] and Telecommuting Today newsletters.

Telecommuting for Dummies is honored to be listed in Chapter 20 of this book:
"Ten Useful Web Sites for Telecommuters".



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