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Telecommuting for Dummies

An excellent book written by Minda Zetlin that covers all the topics one should consider regarding telecommuting from their home. If you are looking for information and links to great resources for telecommuters and those wanting to telecommute, this is a good choice. It follows the format of providing quality information as found in all the For Dummies book series. Click here to check out this title.

101 Tips for Telecommuters: Successfully Manage Your Work, Team, Technology and Family

A book written by Debra Dinnocenzo that provides excellent tips to educate those who want to work and those already working from their homes. Click here to check out this title.

Telecommuting Success: A Practical Guide for Staying in the Loop While Working Away from the Office

A book written by telecommuting experts Michael J. Dziak and Gil Gordon. This book discusses topics like: Career path strategies that work for telecommuters, Tips for finding a telecommuting job, Master technology without becoming a technology geek, What every home office needs and doesn’t need, 10 time management tips you can use today, Ways to stay part of the team when working away, and many other topics relevant to telecommuting today. Click here to check out this title.

The Telecommuter's Advisor: Real World Solutions for Remote Workers

This resource, written by telecommuting expert June Langhoff, is a good choice for learning about what it takes to be a successful remote worker. Educate yourself with her top notch advice and put yourself a step above the competition. Click here to check out this title.


WORK AT HOME: The Telework Job Seekers Handbook

Legitimate work at home jobs do exist. The key is knowing where to find them and how to weed out scams. This eBook contains 275 pages including over 1000 links and resources to help you find the telecommuting job that's perfect for you. Published by Phil Montero of You Can Work From Anywhere - a website for mobile workers and telecommuters. Click here to check out this title.


Your Job Searcher Software

Would you like to shave hours off your job searching time. Now you can with the same software job recruiters use. Instantly search over 300 job search engines, including Monster, CareerBuilder and hundreds of others all with the click of a button. Discover jobs you never could have located due to time constraints. A great way to find telecommuting jobs posted on boards you never knew existed. Click here to check out this title.


Keep up-to-date on the topic of telecommuting and learn about many resources for locating legitimate work from home jobs you may not already know about.

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