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Netbreakthroughs Review

If you are wanting to start a profitable online business of your own and you are not a member of Terry Dean's popular Netbreakthroughs website, you should highly consider joining. Many of the top experts in internet marketing are members of his website and there's good reason for it.

Terry cuts straight to the chase. He teaches in a realistic style. He doesn't promise great riches or overnight success. He preaches hard work, persistence, and the right attitude. I was able to attend one of the many seminars he teaches at and learned a great deal while there. Terry practices what he teaches. Here's a description of this popular site in his own words:

"Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About Internet Marketing Including How to Design Web Sites, Generate Traffic, and Sell To Visitors!

Forget the HYPE…Internet marketing isn't as easy as some people claim it to be. If you have been online for any time at all, you already know this.

You can't just put up a $10 web site and wait for millions of people to show up and buy from you. Most Internet marketing courses tell you what to do, but they never reveal to you how to do it profitably without wasting thousands of dollars in unnecessary and expensive experimentation.

You don't need Internet marketing theories…You need concrete steps and specific directions to take to build and market your business for maximum profits with minimum time and money. Click here now for more info..."

Terry was $50,000 dollars in debt and a pizza delivery boy making $7/hour when he started online some years back. He succeeded and now spends his time teaching others how to become successful with their own profitable online businesses.

What I like about membership sites and especially Terry's is that you get information that would normally cost into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars, if bought as a whole package, for no more than what it costs to go out to eat somewhere. And many online marketer's would charge a high price for the information he gives away on the Netbreakthroughs site. With more than 2000 members and growing daily, he must be doing something right.

You'll get twice monthly "Web Updates" that discuss topics on internet marketing that are relevant today...not rehashed information that worked a year ago and no longer work due to the fast paced online market.

You'll get access to his "Ad Diary" where he shows the success and failures of his online marketing campaigns and whether or not he recommends these advertising locations for campaigns of your

This is the main reason top internet marketing "gurus" are members of his site. They get to see what is working and what is not in online advertising before they shell out their own money on a similar campaign. While this particular portion of the website is well suited for those selling information on marketing, business or how to make money, those who aren't will find other interesting and useful information in this section to apply to their type of online business and advertising campaigns.

But what I like the most about this membership site is that you get access to one of the greatest minds in internet marketing. Terry Dean charges $1000/hour to talk to him on the phone. But if you are a member of his website, he treats you as one of his valued clients and will answer your questions, review and critique anything you can possible think of throwing at him through his "Coaching" section of the website.

The coaching section is worth many times more than the cost to access this website. It's basically priceless. And I've never had a question go unanswered. The coaching section is set up as a basic online discussion board. You ask questions and provide links to websites, articles, or other items you need reviewed and Terry and the other members of the board will answer them for you.

And believe me, Terry's not the only online big shot that hangs around on this board. Yanik Silver, Kirt Christensen, and many other big time marketers show up to answer your questions. John Reese shows up quite frequently, as well. He's a gentleman that makes up to $100,000 per month selling other people's products! Do you think you could learn a thing or two from him when it comes to running a successful online business?

You also get access to all the past posts on this board. You get to learn from everyone else's questions and the answers posted. This portion of the website is a great bonus and you'll see what I mean when you access the site. It's worth it's weight in gold.

You'll also get access to a nice video and audio download section that will help you in your pursuit of setting up a website business. There is also a form that you can fill out to request or suggest certain improvements, if you can think of any, that would make the site more helpful to it's users. A top notch site at a cost anyone can afford.

Terry definitely deserves a pat on the back for this one...

Click here to check out Terry Dean's Netbreakthroughs

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