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Grace Washington is a successful work from home employee, and now she shows you the methods you need to know in order to become the same. There are many resources out there to aide in your search for a legitimate telecommuting job, we suggest you start here with the Essential Home Job Search Guide.

In Grace's own words, "The secret to your work at home success is not in simply having access to a body of helpful, time-saving resources. That's only half the equation. You also need to follow a proven method-- or blueprint-- that will show you exactly what you need to do , step by step, to guarantee a successful home job search."

And that's what her website is all about, and that's exactly why her excellent resource is listed in the top three here at Telecommute Now. We realize that locating legitimate work from home jobs is important to your telecommuting success and that's why we list the best resources for that purpose. But that IS only half the equation. What you do with these leads is far more crucial to your work at home success.

Everyone who is serious enough about their desire to telecommute should get immediate access to this site. Grace takes you on a seven step, take-you-by-the-hand, job search process. The same one she used to find legitimate work from home employment within two weeks after she was laid off from her regular job (do you think she knows what she's talking about?). This Seven Step process is the same one you would be taken through if you hired a professional career consultant at $80 per session. Only her system is tailored to those desiring to telecommute from the comfort of their homes.

Not just a job board, but a whole package "essential" to your success. You'll find many links to job boards offering telecommuting employment links to a site that has 30,000 flexible work arrangements (telecommuting, work from home, job share, flex time, etc.).

You'll learn that 80-85% of the jobs out there aren't advertised AND how to find out about them, thus you'll be competing against very few, if any, other applicants.

You'll learn how to approach and convince your existing boss about telecommuting, and how to prepare telecommuting agreements so that you can take your existing job home (the best way to start telecommuting fast). And so much more.

You'll want to check out the Essential Home Job Search Guide. You won't be disappointed. And get get to try out the Guide for 90 days risk free. She's confident in her site enough to take all the risk off you and put it on her shoulders and give you 100% of our money back if you are not totally satisfied. Most, if any, sites in this market don't offer money back guarantees as Grace does. She stands behind her service and 90 days is plenty of time to give her process a good run through to determine your outcome.

Membership Types:
There is only one membership type available on this site and it gives you unlimited 24 hour/7 days a week access to the essential information you need.

Layout and Navigation:
The simple navigation is laid out down the left hand side of the website. Your greeted with sections on how to use the Guide and a VERY informative and important article on work at home scams that are out there. Don't skip it, it's a crucial first step in your telecommuting job hunt so you recognize fraudulent behavior when you see it during your job search.

Then you are introduced and taken through the Seven Step process. From within these sections you are taken through all there is to know about finding and landing a telecommuting job...including the many links to job boards with telecommuting positions available, not to mention all the other necessary information.

Job Categories:
As mentioned above, rather than just a telecommuting job board, the site is set up to link to many job boards that most don't know about which include all varieties of job categories...including where to locate the HIDDEN jobs that are lingering out there with little to no competition applying for them.

Once you've gone through the process there's the excellent possibility that you'll be starting your new work from home job soon. And Grace is confident in this by offering a full refund if you aren't satisfied with the results.

There is only one word to describe the Essential Home Job Search Guide and as the name states that word is "essential". Don't miss out on what is presented in this web-based Guide. You could spend many weeks, months or even years searching for that work at home job that's right for you, or you could reduce this timeframe with Grace's help and be earning a decent income in a short time.

Why she gives unlimited access to her website guide for the small amount she charges for such great content is beyond me. You'd have to spend 10 or more times this to get the same guidance from any other career counselor.

Highly Recommended

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