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In your telecommuting pursuits you are more than likely to come across the Home Career Search website. This site looks very professional proclaiming to offer legitimate work from home opportunities. Hopefully, the brief description below of our experiences and the recent experience of a Telecommute Now visitor will help save you some time and grief.

First, we have tried to contact this company on a couple of occasions. As of yet, we have not received any reply. And as in the experiences of one of our visitors this has been the case for her, also.

Recently, we were contacted by an individual asking our opinion of this site. She described having paid for the $29.95 membership for the Home Career Search website. She sent in her resume and contacted the company. She stated that she had not heard anything back from them. We regretfully told her that our experience was much the same.

With the combination of her experiences and ours, we decided to post this brief review of the Home Career Search website. Hopefully, you'll be able to make a better decision concerning this company and their offer.

If circumstances change we will update this review. You can click here to visit this site. But based on these experiences we can not currently recommend this site for finding legitimate work from home employment.

Not Currently Recommended

Click here to visit the Home Career Search

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