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Two words describe the Outsource 2000 website..."incredible value". You'd be hard pressed to find anything else as complete anywhere else on the internet. There is everything a work at home employee, or employer for that matter, could possibly need to get started earning an income at home.

When you first visit the homepage and read through all that is included by becoming a member, you begin to wonder if this is another one of those sites that promotes every business opportunity under the sun. But you would be mistaken.

Outsource 2000 is very legitimate, offering both work at home jobs for other companies and opportunities for those who would like to venture out on their own. The testimonials page, alone, is proof that they deliver what they proclaim.

Membership Types:
Outsource 2000 offers varying memberships and what they like to call "Value Packages". I suggest you stay away from these as they are just ebooks that you could probably find anywhere on the internet. Why they include these packages is beyond me, they seem to water down the strength of the site as a whole.

What we are interested in are the Home Workers Forum and the Weekly Job List Newsletter. Each is offered for a low monthly rate or a 3 month rate. The Weekly Job List Newsletter is included with the Home Workers Forum, and with everything else you get with the Forum, it would be unwise not to invest in the whole package.

As of July 2002, the Ultimate Money Maker Package is also included with the Home Workers Forum, but don't get your hopes up. They are nothing but low cost ebooks delivered in a package that you are allowed to sell and keep 100% of the profits. But you'd be hard pressed to give these ebooks away, let alone, sell them. They are circulating everywhere on the internet today. But they say they will be adding books to the package on a regular basis. If for nothing else, you can use them to learn from. Why they opted to include this with the package, I do not know, for someone experienced on the internet it once again seems to downplay the entire package.

Layout and Navigation:
Once inside the "forum" you are greeted with a nicely laid out webpage with umpteens of sections to visit, use and learn from. My suggestion is to go check out the site map. It will give you a better understanding of all that is available at your finger tips.

So much is included with the package, it would take a book to explain it all. But to give you an idea of what's included, here is a brief list: Job Center, Business Center, Money Maker Center, Publication Center, Learning Center, Healthcare Center, Entertainment Center, Support Center, Web Builder, Store Builder, Affiliate Builder, Home-Business Builder and so much more within each of these website sections that I don't have room to list it all here . To learn about all that is included take the tour they give of their website when you visit.

As for us, we'll focus on what we are most interested in and that is the legitimate work from home jobs database within the Job Center. The Job Center includes legitimate job search databases, it also features many other great resources including: Computer & Internet Resources, Telecommuting Resources, Franchise Resources, Varied Other Job Resources, Employment Assistance, Virtual Career Centers, Counseling Services, Disabled Assistance Programs, Employment Agencies, Personality, Intelligence and Lifestyle tests, Home Schooling...and the list goes on.

Main links from within the Job Center lead to the OS2000 Database (legitimate telecommuting jobs), International Databases, Industry Databases, National Databases, Regional Databases, Mega Jobsearch, Computer and Internet Jobs, Jobs Listings Weekly (the new telecommuting jobs posted for that week), Telecommuting Resources and Additional Job Resources.

I wasn't kidding when I said there was something for everyone. All the above mentioned databases can all be searched from within the Worker's Forum reducing your time for a traditional telecommuting job search. But we are most interested in the OS2000 Database which can be accessed through a search engine to locate available telecommuting job positions.

Jobs can be searched by category, locale (International, Local, National, or Worldwide) and by state. Each job listing returned from the search varies with the amount of information provided. But in most cases you'll find what you'd normally find in a traditional job posting with everything you need to make a good judgment about what is being offered.

Rather than listing the date when the job was posted, OutSource 2000 indicates jobs that have been placed in this database within the past 30 days with a "new" icon. Definitely something you'll want to take note of while doing your research.

Each job is listed with a job number. While searching you can pick up where you left off from a previous job search, by entering a job id number in your search criteria. This will display all matching job listings OLDER than the job id you entered. Newer jobs than this will not be displayed. This is a nice feature that allows you to take a break and come back later to do some more searching without having to flip through the past-viewed, newest listings.

This database is packed full with legitimate telecommuting jobs. But if you happen to be one interested in "opportunities" that require an investment, these are included, too. But don't fret if you are not one of those individuals, the search engine has options to search only jobs that require no investment or all of them. I nice way to accommodate both types of folks from the convenience of one interface. Cleverly done.

Job Categories:
Outsource 2000 has over 200+ categories of jobs. The database is extensive, I was even able to find a couple work at home jobs for some lucky architects! It would be very difficult not to find a large handful of jobs you were interested in their database.

You can't go wrong with Outsource 2000. In addition to all the legitimate telecommuting jobs at your fingertips and waiting for you to take advantage of, you also get everything else under the sun to go with it. You'd do well to invest in their services if you are at all serious about finding a legitimate work from home job. And you'll find a plethora of other things to help you make some serious income from the comforts of your home.

New job openings are added everyday. You'll want the entire package, as only this allows you to use the efficient database to search for these jobs that you are interested in. Not to mention all the jobs that have been posted in the recent past. And by having access to the New Jobs Listing Newsletter, you'll know all about the jobs that just became available without having to search for them all over again by category. You can't go wrong with Outsource 2000.


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