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If you are one of the many today who have experience with information technology and computers, Telecommute Jobs is right for you. And even if you are not, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to check this site out. They state they occasionally filter in jobs for sales and marketing for those with little experience.

Telecommute Jobs provides a listing of legitimate work from home jobs like most other sites reviewed here at Telecommute Now; however, you get the added benefit of looking at the jobs posted and a brief description of each before you decide to commit yourself to one of their membership plans.

Why Telecommute Jobs? According to them, over the past 6 years, their company's four sites have developed connections with 20,000 IT recruiters who frequently send them their high-tech telecommute jobs. Now that's definitely saying something.

Add to this, their 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and you have a no risk combination to find a telecommuting job that is right for you. This is uncommon in the telecommuting job board scene. Once you get access to the job information, most sites don't offer a refund. But this 30 day guarantee doesn't seem to hurt them as they boast a less than 2% return rate from their satisfied customers.

If not for the jobs, you should at least visit this site and take advantage of the free resume submittal service they provide. You never know what could turn up because of your efforts. However, the memberships provide a more robust package for doing this.

If you fall into this category of telecommuting job seeker, be sure to check out the Telecommute Jobs website. There might be a job that fits your skill set just waiting there for you.

Membership Types:
Telecommute Jobs offers three membership types:

The "Basic Subscription" gives you total access to the job bank which includes full job information and recruiter's contact information for three months.

The "Premium Pack" gives you a full year of access to the job bank along with "premium" telecommute resume posting for 90 days.

And the robust "Blaster Pack" gives you 12 months access to the job bank, premium telecommute resume posting for 90 days and your resume is emailed to 3,000 recruiters which 500+ of these are strictly telecommute recruiters.

Layout and Navigation:
Navigation is pretty basic. There are a lot of links on the website to other services being offered on the web for those job hunting. But if you click on the "Search Jobs" link located on the left side of the site when visiting you'll get access to a menu to search the available jobs in the database.

You can search the computer jobs by selecting any one of the following choices: All Jobs, Visual Basic, Oracle, C++, SQL Server Java, Web Programming, Administrator (sys or dba), Networking, and Low-tech jobs

Followed by an option to choose jobs that offer partial telecommuting or full telecommuting opprotunities. Be sure to check out the "Low Tech" jobs if you are not as technologically gifted as some. Some good opportunties may come availabe from time to time. I saw one job post requesting a photographer. While this site is dedicated to the information technologist, some interesting opportunities for the rest of us may come available.

There is also a job search feature under a section title called "Specialty" jobs and you can search their database using one of the following two criteria: independent contractors and part-time basis.

Job Categories:
The jobs posted fall into one of the following categories: Visual Basic, Oracle, C++, SQL Server Java, Web Programming, Administrator (sys or dba), Networking, and Low-tech jobs.

With their 30 day money back guarantee and the ability to glance at their database before making a commitment makes the Telecommute Jobs website a good location to add to your telecommuting job search arsenal. One thing to keep in mind...if you happen to fall within the information technology career path, I shouldn't have to remind you that these job offerings are fiercely competitive. But that's nothing new for this job market.

Give the Telecommute Jobs website a go, you won't be disappointed.


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