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Ten Quick Tips for Writing a Better Resume

As a potential telecommuter, your resume writing skills are one of the most important aspects of landing that perfect work from home job. The resume is the only thing you've got to convince a potential employer that you meet the criteria they are looking for in a telecommuting candidate. Usually, the interview only comes after a good first impression with your resume. Let's discuss some techniques to better keep your resume out of the circular file, or in our case...the email trash bin.

1. It's important to be thorough, but specific and to the point, when writing your resume. Employers are busy people. The last thing they want to do is sit down and read a three page paper about everything you've been involved in since high school. Keep it short and concise.

2. Be sure to identify any accomplishments you feel will better help you get the job at hand. Especially accomplishments that required good organization skills, the ability to be a self-starter and finisher, and your ability to work on multiple tasks at one time.

3. Try to use verbs that express action while describing your past paid work and volunteer experiences while keeping your sentences short and to the point. There is no need for fluff in a resume. Rather than saying, "I was involved in the proper training of new engineers"...say, "I trained new engineers."

4. Make your layout look tidy and neat by properly justifying all headings. And stay consistent throughout the whole resume. Don't center a headline in one place and then left justify another in the next. Avoid using abbreviations in your text.

5. Be sure to list names of former employers, any volunteer work you have done that shows you possess certain skills for the job you are applying for, and any training or schooling you've received in certain and relevant areas.

6. Summarize your work experience and stress skills you have from performing your jobs rather than titles. Employers need to know that you possess certain skills rather than held a nice sounding title at your past places of employment.

7 . Never include past or present wages on your resume. This is something that can be discussed if the employer wants to set up a proper interview with you. In the case of long distance telecommuting, more than likely over the telephone.

8. There is no need to provide unnecessary information such as your height, weight, marital status, family status or the like. This is all personal information and you have the right to keep it that way.

9. Format your resume using a text editor and save it as a text file somewhere you can easily locate. As you apply for jobs online you will be more than likely required to copy and past it in an online form. On some occasions a Microsoft Word or Wordperfect file will be acceptable. Have both text and word processor style resumes available for when needed.

10. Be sure to have someone else read over your resume and have them give you their honest opinion. Let them know you are not looking for a pat on the back, but a critical eye for mistakes or on what areas could use some improvement.

These are only basic points to remember while creating a proper resume that employers are looking for. A simple search on the internet will provide a listing of websites dedicated to helping you write a great resume based on your past work and life experiences.

Be sure to take the appropriate amount of time to produce a good resume as part of your battle plan to locate and land the telecommuting job that is right for you.

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