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Locating the Telecommuting Job That's Right for You

So you've made the decision to telecommute. Now how many of those newsletters have you signed up for that promise sending endless job opportunities straight to your email box once a week or some even every day? Before I took over ownership of this website the previous owner was dedicated to providing quality telecommuting jobs delivered straight to your email box three days a week.

While this in and of itself isn't necessarily bad (there is a possibility you might find a nice telecommuting job this way), I'd like to shed some light on things you might not have considered. And armed with this new knowledge your job hunt can lead to a telecommuting job you love.

By all means stay subscribed to all those free job list ezines. There's a possibility of finding one that matches your desire and you landing a good job. But below are three issues you need to consider before deciding to totally rely on these free job lists alone for your work at home job search.

Issue One:
So you've signed up for ten quality free telecommuting job lists that will be providing you with a plethora of job choices to aide in your search to successfully telecommute from the comfort of your home. That is great. You took a big step to finding your telecommuting dream job. But so did 100,000+ other people!

I'm reminded of an email I received recently from a well known free telecommuting job list site. After receiving an email stating that I had been pre-approved for a credit card, they asked in the personal signature of the email if I got a chance to apply for any of the last vacant jobs posted in their jobs database. Then it went on to say to hurry over before the vacancies are filled because this message was being read by over 127,000 people!

Now don't get me wrong, this website is providing a good service. These quality job lists are very popular and everybody and their mother are jumping on board fueled by their desire to work from home. Now given that these job lists provide about 20 telecommuting job leads in each issue, what are your chances of landing one of those jobs? That is if one happens to match your qualifications? And that brings me to my second point...

Issue Two:
You have certain skills, and yes, there are also skills you don't have. The jobs that are going to be sent to you are going to require their own set of skills. What are the chances that the jobs in those lists are going to match up perfectly to your job skill set? Slim at best.

Unless you're lucky or happen to be in a field where telecommuting jobs are abundant...for instance, might have trouble finding a good match. But even if you are in one of these special fields the competition for telecommuting jobs in this realm is even stiffer.

Now granted, you could go out and acquire the skills for a certain job through online courses, books, etc. But in the time it takes to do this, you can kiss that awesome job opportunity you saw in that recent email goodbye. Because with 100,000+ potential candidates looking at it, it'll be gone within a few days. Wouldn't it make more sense to locate jobs that fit your qualifications from the start, rather than waiting to receive that email containing that one job that fits you perfectly.

Issue Three:
Telecommuting is hot right now. Where do you think the truly "good" jobs for telecommuting are going to be found? The kind with companies dedicated in supporting you in your telecommuting efforts. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a manager in a reputable company looking to hire someone into a position that allows telecommuting. Are you going to list this job all over the internet boasting of it's telecommuting opportunities?

Employers know there are a lot of people who would like to telecommute today. If they listed this job as such, they would be faced with the time consuming task of scanning through endless resumes trying to find a candidate that actually meets the qualifications of the position. They know that most of those candidates' resumes won't meet the job skill set required and are only desperate would-be telecommuters who send out their resume at every kind of opportunity. An employer's time is better spent on other things. Always remember this in your job pursuit: The employer is looking for a qualified employee, not a telecommuter.

Now, don't get discouraged by all the negativity mentioned above. We're going to discuss how to find a good job so you CAN telecommute and spend more time with your family or whatever reason you have for wanting to telecommute.

But first I needed to open your eyes to some issues. There are great telecommuting jobs out there that fit your unique set of skills and passions. You'll just need to dig for them.

Here are some useful tips for finding them:

1. Treat your job search like a non-telecommute job search. Remember employers want employees, not telecommuters. And accept the fact that a telecommuting job search can take up to three times as long as a traditional job search.

2. Go after the jobs that you are qualified for. Here's an idea: Go to the job boards that require employers to pay a hefty fee to list their job opportunity. There are many out there. This will help weed out the scam artists. Very few of them will want to lay down $200 or more to list their scam.

Go perform a search at Monster or a job board of your choice and place "telecommuting", "telecommute", "telework", "work from home" and other keyword phrases you can think of in the keyword field, choose your category (highly recommended, refer to Reason 2 above), and possibly narrow your search to your immediate location. Some of the better telecommuting jobs will require you to visit the office from time to time.

3. Do your job search by looking for companies that are "Telecommuter Friendly" rather than searching for individual jobs from the start. When you find them go to their websites and look for their available position openings. There's a possibility of finding a job that meets your skill set and desires. Some of the sites we reviewed provide these lists as part of their service. Check the reviews out by clicking here.

4. And finally, one of the better ways to find telecommuting jobs is through a company dedicated to locating them for you. There are reputable companies who spend their time working with companies that are looking to hire telecommuters. Now granted some of these job list sites are better than others and you'll more than likely have to pay for the work the companies have done locating these job leads for you. They don't have large advertising budgets like the larger free online job search engines.

But that's were Telecommute Now comes in. We spend our time reviewing the better sites and present our findings based on what's beyond the login page. We list the top three on the homepage and others as they become available in the "site reviews" section of our website.

By going this route for finding a telecommuting job, you'll save yourself time and your competition for a particular job you are interested in will be a lot less. Fewer people hang out on the inside of these pay-for-access membership sites, thus giving you the advantage for landing a job you find interesting.

These websites are a good resource to invest in. They are dedicated to providing work from home job seekers with legitimate telecommuting positions without all the business "opportunities", mlm, and other unwanted schemes and scams that are so present on the internet today. Click here to see reviews of the better telecommuting job sites.

These tips should get you headed in the right direction. If at first you don't succeed...don't give up. You'll find that work from home job you enjoy and you can start the search for your new job by using one or more of the methods above.

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