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Is Your Current Job Suitable for Telecommuting?

You may or may not realize this, but sometimes it's better to consider taking your existing job home with you rather than perform an all out search for a new telecommuting job.

Your existing employer knows your work ethic and this can be to your advantage when attempting to convince them to allow you to telecommute.

However, not all jobs are suitable for telecommuting. And this issue will focus on that. Distinguishing what jobs are suitable for telecommuting will help you determine if your current job is a prime candidate for this type of work environment.

How many hours out of your workday are spent working on projects alone? If you perform a type of job where you are trapped in one area for an extended period, this could be a job for taking home. That's why typing, computer programming, designing, reporting, writing, data entry, engineering, designing are all decent candidates for teleworking arrangements.

But even if your job involves this type of work, you must consider whether the position requires large amounts of interaction with other employees or your employer. While, everyday technology is advancing to make this less and less of a concern, it should be taken into consideration.

Video conferencing and other methods of distance communication our advancing so everyone can easily take advantage. Right now, the necessary hardware, software, and connection speeds to do this efficiently aren't available to everyone at a reasonable price.

In the near future, you can expect telepresence to break down this barrier of required communication with employers and colleagues. Making telecommuting a much easier proposition for employees in this current dilemma of needing to have constant contact with their fellow workers.

If you are not familiar with telepresence, it's basically, a method of communication where your holographic image can be seen by someone communicating with you...just as if they were right next to you sitting in a chair and vice versa.

Sounds kind of freaky. But believe it or not, our communication lines are set up for allowing this. The communication speed and line capacity is there and we can expect this technology to become common in the future.

Now, just the opposite, if your current job involves interacting with others outside your organization then this can easily be done from elsewhere. Telephone customer service and telephone sales are all good candidates for telecommuting.

Do you work at a physical plant, construction site, retail store? If this is the case, then it will be a lot harder, if not impossible, to convert that job into a telecommuting position. That is, unless your job involves large amounts of phone or computer work within these settings.

Do you need to be available at a moment's notice? If so, telecommuting may not be a good choice for you. If you are the main point person when people need problems solved right on the spot, being at home may not cut it. Do you manage other peoples' computers, the company network, office equipment, etc.? If you do, you may find it hard to convince your boss your services can be performed from home.

These are just a few things to consider to determine if your present job is suitable for telecommuting. If your job can't allow this type of work environment and you still want to work from home, you need to consider finding another job that does.

If your job isn't suitable for telecommuting, you may need to find one that is. And this could mean needing to learn some new skills. You can go to the "skills development" page on this website to find links to some places that offer good online skills training.

If you can't presently work from home, you can definitely learn the skills you'll need for a future telecommuting job from the comfort of your home.

If your job happens to be suitable for telecommuting and you want to stay with this employer, your next step would be to find out if your company has any telecommuting policies in force. Then you would need to discuss your telecommuting desire with your employer and then convince him or her it's right for you and the company.

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